IFSEC 2022 Trends and Observations

Over 30000 visitors attended IFSEC this year (2022). It is an excellent place for security professionals to meet with almost everyone important in the security industry and collect valuable advice from expert speakers and colleagues. Last week EarnFlex team attended the IFSEC event, and here is our quick summary of the trends we predominantly saw.

This year, the event’s prime focus was on video analytics. Use cases such as people counting, lost object prevention, red & green zones, line crossing, intelligent movement detection, direction and steps analysis, and other significant video-related innovations. Most of the invention seems to be on the video analytics software side, but a few exciting hardware companies also presented. In addition, many vendors showed face detection for the gatherings; even though at the moment, it seems these systems still need improvements, and identification only worked perfectly in nearly ideal circumstances. Jason Bourne-like, automatic people recognition is sadly still for the movies. — but there is always next year!

It was clear that many manufacturers are focusing on 4K cameras. However, even though they aim for maximum resolution, the picture quality did not improve much, probably due to the sub-par lighting conditions, low frame rates and a considerable increase in bandwidth.

Some fantastic looking hemispheric cameras were displayed on almost every central video technology stand. Most of them now work correctly, but the perfect ones tend to cost more — especially the indoor versions which perform well in low light. However, I believe in a couple of years, and video surveillance will be commonly integrated with 4G/5G capable drones with long battery life extensive area surveillance from the sky.

Exciting times ahead!



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